60 Pieces LED Light Up Toy Party Favor Pack Finger Lights Pump Rings LED Glasses


60 Pieces LED Light Up Toy Party Favor Party Pack for Classroom Price
Include 33 LED Finger Lights, 23 LED Flashing Bumpy Rings and 4 Flashing Slotted Shades Glasses

44 LED Finger Lights. Super bright with 4 colors, blue, green, white and red. Finger lights Designed with elastic strap so that you can attach to any fingers, pens or other objects.
4 LED slotted shades glasses in 4 Random Colors (White/Red/Blue/Pink/Green). 3 Modes: fast flashing, slow flashing, and constant
12 LED Flashy Bumpy Rings. Assorted shapes and colors. Waterproof. Made of stretchy, jelly material.
Batteries are included and installed. Last long. Long shelf life for bulk storage for up to 8 months. This toy set meet US TOY SAFETY STANDARD.
LED Light Up Party Pack are great for Concert, Night Activities, Weddings, Birthdays Party, Mardi Gras Party, Halloween Party, Dance Party, Raves & Celebrations, Christmas, Outdoor events and Holidays

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